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Thursday 30th April, 7.00 pm, Whangaparaoa Hall This year’s AGM will follow the usual format* with agenda items timed so that after the AGM is concluded there is a maximum of time available for important local issues. These include: the proposed sell-off of Council owned Hibiscus Coast property assets, the proposal to end the Hibiscus Coast as a separate financial district within the RDC, the Hammerhead at Gulf Harbour, proposed 5-storey shop and apartment development at the Manly Village Shops, Transport issues including the Busway, Penlink and Whangaparaoa Road, what happens to the Hibiscus Coast if Rodney is absorbed within a greater Auckland. * Format for AGM: apologies, approval of last year’s minutes & matters arising, presidents, treasurers and Whangaparaoa Community Trust reps reports, election of new committee and announcement of result, followed by close of AGM and light refreshments prior to meeting over important local issues. The voting qualification for the AGM is membership 30 days prior to the AGM. There will be a list of members qualified to vote at the meeting. Nominations for committee must be received 7 days prior to AGM (by Wednesday 22nd April. Nominations must be signed by member nominated, proposer and seconder; all must be financial members. Send/put nominations in the Whangaparaoa Hall letterbox, 717 Whangaparaoa Road. Please also advise if there are any items requiring discussion in advance. Please come to the AGM, we need your support and assistance. If you need transport phone Angie on 4281430 Proposed 5-storey shop and apartment development at the Manly Village Shops The WRRA continues to play an active role in securing a development that ‘fits’ with the Manly Village. At this stage the matter is still going to the Environment Court with mediation between the parties coming up sometime soon. We will keep you posted. Proposed sell-off of important Hibiscus Coast Property owned by the Council. The new Chief Exec of the RDC has made no secret of proposals to sell off Council owned property. However Hibiscus Coast property has been bought and paid for by Hibiscus Coast ratepayers. We have borne the pain of high rates and it is HBC ratepayers that should enjoy the gain of properties sold. The Hibiscus Coast desperately needs capital to fund important requirements such as: Park & Ride at Silverdale, widening Whangaparaoa Road between Red Beach Road/HBC Highway, possible Learners’ Swimming Pool at Leisure Centre, Top of the Plaza improvements (canopy shelter & paving), Plaza lights/intersection improvements, more playing fields & reserves – especially Whangaparaoa, breakwater for Hammerhead at Gulf Harbour… the list goes on. All these projects have been needed for some years now. Penlink, Whangaparaoa Road, Whangaparaoa Plaza lights, Silverdale Park & Ride, HBC Rates All these significant items are closely related. For years now the Council has put off traffic improvements throughout the Hibiscus Coast to try and make a better case for Penlink. In consequence residents – especially those on Whangaparaoa have suffered unnecessary (arguably deliberate) traffic congestion. All manner of vital projects have suffered as money, resources and staff time have continued to be channeled into Penlink. Councillors have acted with little, if any, written information supporting the project – the community have even less to go on. Isn’t it time Council came clean on traffic numbers and financial information supporting (or not) Penlink, and alternatives available? The Rodney District Council is no longer in a position to maintain the secrecy it has to date. Why: developers will challenge financial contributions they pay for Penlink, receiving Regional roading subsidies will come under increasing public scrutiny, a changed Auckland local government situation will demand all projects meet higher levels of accountability – something Penlink has lacked so far. Save the Hammerhead at Gulf Harbour Following the largely successful decision by the High Court the developer has appealed the decision and we understand the Council is seeking costs from the court case. But the Hammerhead saga is likely to drag on until the Council uses the Public Works Act. This would enable much quicker and less difficult resolution of the matter. So far this issue has largely been conducted in confidence by the Council – the community is not being asked or given the opportunity to express its opinion. Watch out for a public meeting soon. Long Term Plan out for submissions soon The Council’s Long Term Plan will be out for public submissions from early April through early May. This plan covers rate increases & projects over the next 10 years. This year WRRA will take be especially active making the community aware of what’s in store and what the options are – so you can make an informed submission Community and Environment Centre at the Whangaparaoa Hall This important WRRA/Whangaparaoa Community Trust project mentioned in previous newsletters is still on track. A room at the front entrance of the Whangaparaoa Hall is largely ready and the equipment required is nearly complete. We look forward to opening within the next three months Subscriptions. These are $6 per single and $10 a double. Please attach your name and address and send/drop off to WRRA, 717 Whangaparaoa Road. The local papers have published a number of news stories and letters concerning the funding and sponsorship of candidates in the recent local body elections. The sums of money were considerable and no doubt had a significant bearing on the election. With huge gains to be made in Rodney from zoning changes and developments that require the approval of Council it is of very real concern that Councillors and the Mayor should not be subjected to undue influence by individuals or companies that stand to gain, especially financially. Just who the ‘Comm. For Good Governance’ is that financially supported a number of Hibiscus Coast candidates, some apparently exclusively, has not been disclosed. In the interests of good governance you would expect that this information should be made public. Community and Environment Centre at the Whangaparaoa Hall A considerable amount of work has gone into preparing a room at the front entrance of the Whangaparaoa Hall for a local Community and Environment Centre. This will be a local resource and information centre for groups and societies on the Hibiscus Coast, local issues and information exchange; putting people in touch with each other with similar interests, promoting membership and participation of local groups and generally enhancing the social fabric of the community. Local groups are encouraged to feed in information about their activities. A filing system and displays are available. A computer with internet access, photocopier, TV with video playing capability are planned. We are looking for a computer to be donated (we already have a monitor). A ‘free fruit exchange’ is planned so that people with excess fruit can bring it in for others to pick up. Displays will also be run on composting, growing native trees suitable for the area, community policing (soon to start on Whangaparaoa) and other community and environmental initiatives. Help is needed to kick-start a volunteer roster. It is proposed to have the Community and Environment Centre open weekdays from 10am to 2 pm initially. If you can help in any way please contact Wayne Walker on 424 3121, email: wayne@waynewalker.co.nz, or drop a note into the letterbox at the Whangaparaoa Hall

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